Stephen Ingham is a longtime Portland, Oregon commercial photographer whose career has bridged the transition from traditional film to today's new digital media. Stephen's early interest in computer technology gave him a ringside seat during the advent of digital imaging, enabling him to enjoy a pioneering role in the development of digital photography and direct digital printing. Stephen blended the traditional light-and-exposure photography arts with a new mastery of digital imaging and printing technologies, establishing Ingham Photo, Inc. as one of the premier providers of digital-based product photography.

Working with his first RAM-starved Apple Macintosh and a high resolution scanning back on his 4x5 camera, Stephen created and taught many new digital techniques and helped re-invent the commercial studio photography work flow. Stephen has since become one of the Pacific Northwest's most sought-after digital product photographers, merging the high-quality artistic standard of the past with newer digital photography skills that satisfy today's highly competitive time-and-cost-conscious marketplace.

Stephen began his photography career in the early 1970's after graduating from the respected US Army Still Photography School, where he trained in all aspects of multi-format field, aerial, and studio photography. In Europe, he handled assignments for several prestigious publications including the international newspaper Stars & Stripes, Ironsides Magazine, and Soldier Magazine, with many photos appearing in top publications in the USA.

While accomplished in photojournalism, Stephen avidly pursued the craft of studio photography, with an emphasis on complex lighting and Zone System-based exposure and processing techniques. After university and apprenticeships with noted Oregon studios, Stephen opened his own commercial studio in the early 1980's, and has since been an established, professional commercial photographer in the Pacific Northwest with many major national accounts.

After twenty years of serving top-name clients from studio locations in Portland, Oregon, Stephen recently established his new photo studio at his historic home in Scappoose, Oregon, where he shares his life with his wife Judie, and his son Matt. When time permits, Stephen enjoys exploring the outdoors, fishing with mostly limited success, and an occasional high scoring round of golf.